Friday, July 2, 2010

A day at the lake

We had our first family outing of the summer yesterday! We packed up the kids, a picnic lunch and headed for the lake. It was a beautiful day! Warm, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

I was hoping to get some sun on this pale body of mine! It's getting scary. I'm starting to think my "Twilight" obsession is taking it's toll. I should audition for the next movie. I wouldn't even need makeup! Step a side Bella, there is a new wanna be vampire in town! Wait...Do vampires have cellulite??

This turned out to be a really great day despite the fact that when we were almost to our destination my husband remembered he forgot the play pen aka: (Baby Jail). Oh great! So much for any chance of relaxation.

This may sound funny, but this little day trip really helped me remember some of the true joys of parenting.  My son (16 months old today) was the most precious he could be! He was so easy going the whole day.  He didn't complain one bit about having to wear the life jacket that made him closely resemble the "State Puff Marshmallow Man".
He didn't wander off at all! That was the thing that amazed us the most. Normally he will take off to explore, the second you take your eyes off of him! Hence the concern for not having the" baby jail ". On this day though, he was perfectly content sitting on the shore line splashing in the water and picking up rocks which he insisted were balls! Right now balls are his most favorite thing in the world...his own included (he, he).

My girls didn't argue once and gladly took turns sitting with their little brother and practicing learning to swim with daddy. brace yourself for this one, my mother in law, who was in town for the weekend came with us. We didn't argue ONCE! It's a miracle, HALLELUJAH!

It really was a fun relaxing day. God knows I've needed some relaxation lately.  I feel like, if you took me, my husband and kids and all of my responsibilities and threw them in one of those "Tilt O'Whirls" at the fair, you would have my life! Complete with the motion sickness and anxiety! Just when I think I have my footing in this whole marriage/parenting thing, something happens to prove me wrong!  You would think after nine years of marriage and three kids, I would have figured out, somewhere along the line, that the only thing predictable about life is that it's unpredictable! Oh wait... I just figured that out!  Well, better late than never!

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