Thursday, October 7, 2010

My kids say the darndest things...

I think every woman lives in some form of denial when it comes to unwanted weight gain, especially after having kids. I am no exception. I tell myself that the dryer shrunk my clothes or I'm retaining extra water today. Well, my daughter bless her heart, unknowingly OBLITERATED that bubble for me. One day while helping me fold my laundry, she picked up a piece of clothing and said "Mommy, whose shirt is this?" After closer examination I realized that it was not a shirt at all that she was holding up, It was a pair of my underwear!!!

My son and I have this little game we play where we squeeze each other's nose and say "Beep". He loves it and can't get enough. One day, I was changing his diaper and to distract him, I was asking him to name body parts. I pointed to my head and said "What's this?" He said, "Head". I praised him and then pointed to my eye and said, "What's this?" He said, "Eye". I was again clapping and praising him. I then pointed to my nose and said, "What's this?" He said, "Beep".

My five year old daughter just started kindergarten. At her school, they evaluate the kids for speech and hearing right off the bat. Luckily she passed everything with flying colors. She particularly enjoyed the hearing test and told me all about it.  Not long after, I was at the grocery store with the kids. I was in the checkout line and distracted with all that was going on. My daughter asked me a question but I wasn't really paying attention. I said to her, "What was that honey, I didn't hear you?" She let out a big frustrated sigh and said "Mom, I think you need one of those tests, where you wear that thing on your head and raise your hand when it beeps!

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