Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's like searching for "Bigfoot".

You can't go a day with out hearing how bad the economy is lately! The Housing market is down, unemployment rate is up, blah, blah, blah. I can tell you what is up for sure, the stack of bills on my table and my stress level!

When I got married, nine years ago,I never imagined that I would be as broke as I am today. I think though, my frustration has reached its peak! Thus the reason I am sitting here with a pile of tissues feeling sorry for myself.

I lost my job almost a year ago. It was a crappy job anyway and in my mind it was God's way of pushing me to stay home with my kids and telling me something better was on the horizon.

I've always considered myself a person of faith. I believe that things happen for a reason. Some people believe that you choose your own destiny, but I happen to believe that your path is already laid out for you. You just have to hold on for the ride. Lately, this is the first time in my life that I'm really starting to question my faith.

My anxiety is out of control. My husband is working his ass off selling cars after several failed attempts in the insurance business and his measly paychecks still aren't covering our bills. I have tried looking for another job, but putting three kids in daycare at $1500/mo. would make working pointless. We even went to our local DHS (Department of Human Services) office inquiring about assistance with child care costs. Tell me this isn't completely backassword... The worker tells us that to qualify for child care assistance, both parents have to be working...DUH! but with two incomes we would most likely make too much money to qualify!!!! At that point I just threw up my hands. I mean, what sense does that make?

So, OK. We have established that I can't work outside the home, so I guess I will look for work that I can do from home. That gave me some hope...At first. Little did I know that searching for a legitimate "at home job" that pays decent and isn't a scam is like looking for "Bigfoot". Some say they exist, some say they have actually found one but no one can provide solid proof that such a job actually exists. If I got a nickel per minute for all the time I have spent online searching for a job working from home, I wouldn't need to look anymore!

It's soooooo depressing! If I have to look at one more website of a guy next to his zillion dollar yacht ,sipping champagne, talking about how his life was so hard before he discovered the "Key" to financial freedome, and for the low price of $199.99 he will share that secret with me, I'm gonna throw up!!!

Who ever said that money doesn't buy happiness, has obveously never been poor! Don't get me wrong, I am very hapily married with three beautiful children that I love more than life! I'm greatful every day for our health and deep down I know that is the most important thing. I'm already happy. I would just like to be happy with far less financial stress!!! In so many ways I attribute my financial success with good parenting. I want my kids to have it all which goes back to an earlier post I wrote, "Perfection and parenting don't mix".
There just has to be a solution out there somewhere!!!!

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  1. Hey lady, it's Marcia. Have you looked at becoming a medical coder? It would require some $$ for getting certified, but you've already got medical experience and it *should* be easier for you to pick up a coder job. A LOT of those positions are becoming remote positions where you only go into the office to drop off paperwork and attend random meetings.

    I have quite a few friends who are coders and they've almost all converted to working from home. Maybe an option for you?

    Let me know if you need help finding info on getting certified. I can check with my friends and find out more.

    Talk to ya soon!