Saturday, June 19, 2010

Billboard Blunder

There is a billboard that I drive by several times a week that has successfully managed to rub me the wrong way.
I doubt that that was the reaction the business intended from passers by, or for all I know maybe it was, but it continues to irritate me all the same. I'm curious what others have to say on the subject so I decided to write about it.

It is no secret that most women in our society have self image issues. From birth, society practically places a list of expectations on each of our isolettes
in the hospital nursery. It might as well read:

ATTENTION! "In order to be popular, successful & desired (Things that every woman wants) You must maintain the following:

1. Be thin,tall and pretty.

2. You must have blemish, cellulite and stretch mark free skin.

3. Once you have hit the approximate age of 35 you are no longer allowed to age. You must do everything in your power to continue to look 35 no matter what the physical or monetary cost.

4. You must have adequately sized, firm breasts.

5. If you decide to have children, you must look like a supermodel throughout your pregnancy and return to your thin, pre-pregnancy self within a month of giving birth.

6. You must maintain a household that would make Martha proud.

7. You must be super mom.

8. Should you choose to work outside of the home, numbers 1-7 still apply.

PS... Stilettos are a plus.

You probably get where I'm going with this. This billboard, is for a local plastic surgery center. It pictures a lovely young pregnant woman adoringly looking down cradling her belly. The add says something to the effect of: " Restore the damage that pregnancy does to your body, come see us for a body make over!"

Ya, pregnancy is hard on your body but I'm one of those sick women who like being pregnant. I'm in awe of the process going on inside my body. It's probably the only time in my life that I feel totally beautiful. It is a process that should be respected. So to have this giant sign that makes women feel as though this beautiful sacred process comes at huge cost to your body, well, I think it is shameful! Don't get me wrong, If Plastic surgery is your choice then go for it!! I myself have considered it. But the choice should be yours alone not because society makes you feel as though you are less of a woman for having a few stretch marks and less than perky boobs.

You grew a life inside of you! Not to mention squeezed that little person through an opening a fraction of it's size!(Or had it cut from your womb for you C sectioners out there). There is no job,invention or discovery that compares to that feat! If you ask me, It should be against the law to make any negative comment about a woman's body! So the next time a magazine or commercial makes you feel less than happy about your body, just smile, extend your middle finger and tell society to SHOVE IT!!

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